The Evolution of Linux and Windows

I found this image very amusing. Although I do think Windows has been improving over the years (visually), but from a technical standpoint:

  • The console is still very dumb – a friend of mine had to fight against the PATH variable – and no real useful tools as standard.
  • The way services are managed has never changed – it’s still using the same manager that was added in XP.
  • Settings are stashed away in the registry – either visibly, or invisibly until you add them – without any (useful) documentation to help you find them.
  • Heaven forbid if you want to try and install any server software to work locally.

Don’t get me wrong, Linux isn’t without its faults – from a visual point of view, most software developers still don’t seem to care if their applications are useable or not. And they also don’t seem to care if they hide their most used and useful tidbits stashed away in an¬†awkwardly placed file menu combination (LibreOffice, I’m looking at you here… and GIMP too).

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