Staying sane in IT role…

Some may say that linking/referring to an outside source for information is a bad idea, but honestly this is the best darn article I have read in a long time – it talks about our sanity in an IT role, and how long we work.

People always sugar-coat how glamorous an IT role will be, when actually it can sometimes be a living hell. This isn’t to say that it is not rewarding, quite the opposite, but as the writer points out working a 60 hour week can sometimes be the norm – which a lot of people conveniently forget to mention.

“Everyone knows that IT is a byword for burnout. Admins, coders and hardware jocks frequently keep unsociable hours. Putting in 60-hour weeks is something of a norm. Such punishing workloads can and do push people over the edge. Everyone deals with stress in different ways.” Anonymous survivor, The Register

I haven’t met anyone who works in IT that has told me they do their duties in their 9-5 job, go home, relax and do whatever they want. Most of the time they are either staying late in the office, doing some research when they get home, or their mind is still actively thinking about tackling the next problem they have to solve in their ever-growing list of tasks.

If you would like to read more about the anonymous author’s story, please click here.

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